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Kid’s favorite Shopkins Sweet Treats are hiding in Shopville’s Candy Shop! Players Start with three Shopkins Secret Sweets Squares and try to find their matching Shopkins Candy Coins.

How to play: Without looking, each player randomly selects 3 Secret Sweets Squares and places them face down in front of them. Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving their game piece according to the number shown. Different spaces let you "Peek," Pick," or "Pluck" Players are trying to "Pick" Candy Coins out of the bag to match the Secret Sweets Squares in front of them. Players can only look at their Candy Coins when they land on the "Peek" space. Players can steal coins when they land on "Pluck" spaces. The game ends when 1 player has matched 2 Secret Sweets Squares with 2 Candy Coins.