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The Ultimate Early Learning Resource! Each learning deck comes with 50 cards and includes a parent card with tips, facts, and fun games to extend! Includes 6 free song downloads! Alphabet: Learning the ABCs has never been so much fun! This flashcard deck will help your child learn to identify uppercase and lowercase letters. The parent card offers lots of additional activities and games you can play with your child to extend learning in practical ways. Includes 49 double-sided cards and 1 parent cards with learning ideas and tips on teaching the short vowels, the long vowels, practice words, the letter Q, and more fun games to extend learning. Sight Words: Learning beginning sight words has never been more fun! Sight words are words that a reader should recognize instantly. Most of these words are not decodable you can t sound them out. Children who learn these words are well on their way to becoming successful readers. Includes 48 double-sided cards and 2 parent cards with suggestions and ideas to further learning! Phonics: Learning basic phonetic skills has never been more fun! Includes flashcards for each consonant including the hard and soft sound of /c/ and /g/ and cards for both short and long vowels